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Erotic massage, Tantra massage, Nuru-naked massage! Body-to-Body massage with happy ending !

Outcall Massage (in your hotel) cost 200 euro including taxi fare, - 2 hours of quality massage by very cute girl giving vital energy to you.
Massage in SPA Salon - cost 300 euro - 2 hours, 1 girl.

Beautiful massage-girl will arrive to your hotel within 45 minutes, and enjoy this sweet supreme massage...

No fake. - Girls photos reall. All them see masseuses Girls Photos

We so love that action in which we are engaged. The feeling, that aura we create. And we are very glad to make it for you once again. We giving pleasure so you will dip your body into state of sweetness and happy moment.

Why We're Best ? This site is created for gentelmen who appreciate our high quality standard of service and love themself. Quality doesn't mean discount. This site not for men counting cents because here the best of professional Moscow's masseuses who constantly work on improvement of professional skills and provide service by service and trained at medicine massage seminars, sessions and Tantric-Energy-Knoledge practicians.

All types of massage, implementation of all your secret erotic imaginations! Full relaxation and splash of all emotions!

Our Sensual Massage - Lovely real-mirage.
Girls work with soul and with high concentration of energy that allows you to exchange circulation of energy and greatly get relaxed.

Tantric and Erotic masseuses are bright individual, stylish and distinguished girls feeling each touch on your body. Tantric massage is sacrament, pleasure-powered and plasticity of masseuse. Relaxing and concentration, balancing on sea waves. Breath.... Exhale...and trust this wonderfull Energy-Wave coming to you.....

Our services are confidential. We respect the privacy of our guests. You can be assured of full confidential.

I am Magdalina, a professional with 17 years of experience in massage-world, very courageous in creative ideas because I don't stand still, and am in creative search of new feelings and imaginations. I created this site for those who loves himself and life. And I found and trained girls, relatives in me on spirit and mentality, same as well as I am the outstanding personalities wishing to derive from life only positive emotions and pleasure and we are ready to share with you my wide experience and a good mood.

Beautiful russian girls who come to your hotel or apartments ...
"Alive Dolls" will be offered to you for maximum comfort and relaxation! These very beautiful girls mastering Art of Japanese Geisha! They are erudite, smart and well-groomed girls.

Cash only euro, dollars, rubles. We don't accept credit cards

Girls comming to you not only beautiful, but emotionally filled, spiritually rich, physically developed, active and strong, only positive emotions loving life and giving ready to share with you the great mood and joyful emotions.


Prices for home or hotel

Prices for massage salon

Our massages salons - exellent places to have a rest. In the center of Moscow. Is near the subway Serpuhovskaya, Tulskaya, Taganskaya, Pushkinskaya.. To get to Salon - please Call us here Contacts, and salon description here Salon photos

Phone or text - 24 Hours : +7 (915) 212-24-15

Our Massage service is one of the best erotic services in Moscow. All girls have got professional tutorials in Moscow VIP Massage center.

All types of massage in Moscow: Tantric massage, Erotic massage, Body to Body massage, Lingam massage, Nuru massage, Moscow luxurious massage parlor,- feel good strength and vital potential! Be born anew and plunge into the impossible. Create the world!

Tantra massage increases vital energy and sexual tone of your organism, this massage therapy is affecting all vital exchange processes in your organism. After massage you will feel inflow of emotional drive and creative rise.

Tantric improvisation shrouded in this erotic fairy tale... sensuality, tenderness and ocean of pleasures.

Erotic creative massage is a range of fascinating juicy feelings!

Tantric massage preformed by our perfect girls is interchange by energy that you get a fine body which ready you for a new happy life and new attitudes! Tantric interchange by energiya is much better, than sex as is involved the top and lower charkas working at thin energy.

My colleagues and I constantly work over improvement of quality, and also we expand a range of services. Therefore we have a massage on any choice, beginning from traditional massage of back and finishing erotic and secret-tantra massage.

How about a great Tantric massage? This is primarily a pleasure, and the accumulation of sexual energy. Secondly - this is relaxation and release negative emotions and to obtain satisfaction from the process. Especial approach to each client! Creatively-creative process of massage - massage!
Tantric and erotic massages are type of service for those who loves the excitement moment, the desire moment at what erotic imaginations pass for side of real time.

We are created this kind of activity for those people who likes to enjoy life and to spend free time from work with advantage for health.

High quality massage - that else in skilled hands of massage therapists - what can be better? The following step - love, the relations, feelings, open heart for love and gratitude to yourself and people surrounding you. Become so loved and desired and be darlings! And we will help you with achievement of this purpose! Love yourself and give pleasure to yourself through magic action of massage!

We are ready to give you a burst of positive emotions and excellent mood. Massage also increases the level of serotonin and endorphins.

Full relax, ease... Feeling of flight! And I will escort you on this dizzy travel...

I am a perfectionist and I try to do in what I am engaged with maximum return, enthusiasm and creative imagination, having put in this process all heart and soul and energy. And I found the best girls who being engaged in this kind of activity in Moscow derive pleasure from the done work. We don't leave ourselves anything - neither energy, nor emotions.

Girls engaged in fitness, track and field athletics, belly dances (belly dance) have a good physical form and erotic imaginations. Take pleasure in massage with the elastic and driven bodies. It is great pleasure and pleasure from each touch!

Sensual Outcall massage is given for pleasure, massage for outstanding relaxation of aroma for body and soul. Best masseuses of Russia who got practical training in many countries. Our service will arrive to you to hotel room or apartments within 45 minutes. 2 hours of pleasure and relaxation all types of massage Moscow Tantric, Erotic, Thai, Shiats, Sports, Classical and Japanese. Outcall massage arrives to moscow room as well. Massage moscow home. Derive pleasure, relax and get positive energy! Dear men, get more healthy and stronger with our massage that may be the best in Moscow city.

VIP - service includes:

This complex of services costs 350 euro and is carried out by professional with special massage-equipment.

After our SPA - procedures people feel wonderfull inflow of strength and courage.

Phone or SMS - 24 Hours : +7 (915) 212-24-15

We are glad to each client, which, even for a moment who decided to come to us for a cup of rare healthful beverage to infuse themselves unique spirit of Erotic Aroma massage !

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Trust professional masseuse of erotic massage! Let me give you a real pleasure slim fit bodies and pumped soft and strong hand palm and fingers of professional masseurs erotic sensual massage !...

Relax and enjoy massage body and spirit of magic massaging the country of dreams, dreams, happiness and euphoria, ordinances, and airial rest ! Dream fantasize enjoy these precious moments of life.

Create your world in sweet erotic massage dreams! Grace be with you physicall pacification and peace of mind!

While stroking the palm of the body! Gentle and tenderness - it so wishes. Women's skin and fingers and chest. Everything like a fairy tale - to relax and go. Like Waves of sea - the boat, the sun, the sand! Whatever you want - come just in time! Come in a dream today, after a nice day of a session of tantric massage.

And in the morning will wake up in great good spirits! It is only necessary to call in a service and custom-make. Since ancient times, known for the healing properties of massage and you will become familiar Thai massage - is the eastern entourage, relieves stress, hands healer. Touch your neck and the hands of the healer as a bonus increase tone. Meditative lying balance the emotional state. Charity effect on your body respect.

The general state of health has improved - hence this massage is ideal, it is better than sports medals! Relieves fatigue and your stress! Tired body and flesh and nervous bustle of the metropolis. Tired of you at work or from a pipe dream - no brakes just call! Where dreams come true. The new feeling of stimulation of blood circulation - body massage will loosen density, increase efficiency.

Cool VIP-service and pilling-massage and pleasant goosebumps on skin. A contrast shower, and after massage. I will tell you - it's aerobatics! Gentle fingers on the steamed-out skin - aren't present the best rest. On light it is similar. Aromas of oil and candles. In general, fruit more abruptly and vegetables. And I will share with you - this a thing. And just thanks that you are.

The massage curing works magically! - Fantastically and warmly!
Emotions sea, mood remarkable!

Beautiful professionals here
The best girls living in Moscow are ready to provide you a session of massage erotic and Tantric. A wide experience of communication with foreign guests and they well feel what guests want. These are gentle touches or easy sliding by oil on the body which was tired in a day of work, hips, buttocks, a neck, a back and stomach. Beautiful professionals thinly feel your desires and dreams. Adapt to your biorhythms and your temperament, guessing your secret thoughts. Of course you want the sensual girls capable to take away you to the beautiful fantastic country. There where you will take pleasure from each sigh and a touch. Trust in gentle female hands, the rolled tightened bodies to sensual palms to lips and fingers. Relax and derive magic massage pleasure, dream and enjoy! Try this fantastic world in erotic massage dreams.

Action is fascinating, emotions positive! The mood is excellent! Massage is decent!

What is the high standard of our AROMA-massage ? - High Art of sensitive palms !

Modern massage standard of our service - it is coming of some wonder moment when your body becomes a little younger ! First of all - this is result of work of my hands... Palms. Fingers. Sensitivity.

My hands feel your body, the places which ask for special action. Men's body for me is "Precious the Stradivarius Violin" which I take with inspiration and skill. And then - "game" join main "maestro" - fingers. Sensitivity of fingers - there is more to come... The energy giving you strength and cheerfulness! Streams of energy are transmitted to you by finger-tips and the energy will last for several days after our session of massage. My massage is like symphony of genius. If I reach accord and that occurs - always when you are positively ready to get pleasure, then for you it will be surprising feelings of ease and flight, your body becomes happy ! To teach hands to this skill of massage required years. And this is why we say - this Aroma massage the most soft Aromatherapy and the strongest massage Moscow. Fingers gain special sensitivity and become trained. For this purpose I do the same special finger-gymnastics which is secrets proceed from doctrines of Tantra. Also I use special natural herb-creams for palms which of course is kept in secret. My trained masseurs-girls almost just like me will seize this art of sensitive palms, our hands very much are pleasant to our guests. After all, these hands do not only impact physically, they have - power conductors pass special esoteric vibration. For example, traditionally a lot of energy going on in our Tantra massage.

What our massage-hands are? And these gentle "Aroma-hands" - they are not only soft.... Our hands are gentle and strong also. Certainly not to lift any heavy iron weights and some gizmos, but perfectly trained for power of massage techniques. Strong hands needed when performing massage for more active people like sportsmen. And with this hands - our Moscow-massage the most strong. Special fitness of palms is necessary when sports massage performed and then a different hands skill is used. Sports massage even more often becomes demanded. And it is pleasant not only to athletes but also men who have got used to feel the physical force always.

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Breathe a full breast, dream and do not accept, only do not miss and derive pleasure! Derive pleasure for all 100 percent! At restaurant somehow time, waiting the order... Let's tell simply - purely dachshunds - before going to bed slightly a relax! Now treating body with oil it is so slippery both warmly and cool! There is a massage - and 2 hands are rung quickly men! Also quickly ladies call! Will award them with the same! Heat and cold! Like tender steam! Water and beauty, yes!

Aroma massage paradise - so I tell you that's a powerful drive-mirage.
Massage inspires dream and dream - Just feel my fingers' Tantra-Rythm!