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Nuru massage! Erotic massage, Tantra massage, Body-to-Body massage with happy ending !

Massage on-visit in your hotel cost of quality massage by a very nice girl giving hot energy to you.

90 minutes massage - 200 euro
90 minutes in salon - 300 euro, 1 girl, cozy SPA-salon with swimming pool. Payment is also possible via Internet.

Arrival to you within 45 minutes. Beautiful girls of Moscow, Enjoy this eden massage...
NO fake. - Girls photos are true ! All them see masseuses Girls Photos

We so love that action in which we are engaged. The feeling, that aura we create. And we are very glad to make it for you once again. We giving pleasure so you will dip your body into state of sweetness and happy moment.

Why We're Best ? This site is created for gentelmen who appreciate our high quality standard of service and love themself. Quality doesn't mean discount. This site not for men counting cents because here the best of professional Moscow's masseuses who constantly work on improvement of professional skills and provide service by service and trained at medicine massage seminars, sessions and Tantra-Secret-Knoledge practicians.

All types of massage, implementation of all your secret erotic imaginations! Full relaxation and splash of all emotions!

Girls work with soul and with high concentration of energy that allows you to exchange circulation of energy and greatly get relaxed.

Tantric and Erotic masseuses are bright individual, stylish and distinguished girls feeling each touch on your body. Tantric massage is sacrament, pleasure-powered and plasticity of masseuse. Relaxsation and concentration, balancing on sea waves. Breath.... Exhale...and trust this wonderfull Energy-Wave coming to you.....

I master secrets of health-massage my name - Magdalina, a professional of years of experience in massage-world and therefore very courageous in creative ideas because I don't stand still, and am in creative search of new feelings and imaginations.

Coming to hotel and apartments. Beautiful Russian girls.

"Alive Dolls" will be offered to you for maximum comfort and relaxation! These very beautiful girls mastering Art of Japanese Geisha! They are erudite, smart and well-groomed girls.

Girls comming to you not only beautiful, but emotionally filled, spiritually rich, physically developed, active and strong, only positive emotions loving life and giving ready to share with you the great mood and joyful emotions.

Tantric improvisation shrouded in this good fairy tale... sensuality, tenderness and ocean of pleasures.

good creative massage is a range of fascinating juicy feelings!

Tantric massage preformed by our perfect girls of AROMA-MASSAGE.RU is interchange by energiya that you get a fine body which ready you for a new happy life and new attitudes! Tantric interchange by energiya is much better, than sex as is involved the top and lower charkas working at thin energy.

My colleagues and I constantly work over improvement of quality, and also we expand a range of services. Therefore we have a massage on any choice, beginning from traditional massage of back and finishing erotic and secret-tantra massage.

Tantric and good massages are type of service for those who loves the excitement moment, the desire moment at what erotic imaginations pass for side of real time.

We are created this kind of activity for those people who likes to enjoy life and to spend free time from work with advantage for health.

Massage MoscowMassage in MoscowHave most sexy Royal Tantric massage by Stella or Barbara! Soft and strong arms, tender fingers create outstanding feelings. This is primarily a pleasure, and the accumulation of sexual energy. Secondly - this is relaxation and release negative emotions and to obtain satisfaction from the process. Nowdays Royal Tantra has become leading massage in Moscow and beatween best russian massages.

High-quality massage - that else in skilled hands of massage therapists - what can be better? The following step - love, the relations, feelings, open heart for love and gratitude to yourself and people surrounding you. Become so loved and desired and be darlings! And we will help you with achievement of this purpose! Love yourself and give pleasure to yourself through magic action of massage!

We are ready to give you a burst of positive emotions and exsellent mood. Massage also increases the level of serotonin and endorphins.

Full relax, ease... Feeling of flight! And I will escort you on this dizzy travel...

Sensual Outcall massage is given for pleasure, massage for outstanding aroma-relaxation of body and soul. Best masseuses of Russia who got practical training in many countries. Our service will arrive to you to hotel room or apartments within 45 minutes. 2 hours of pleasure and relaxation all types of massage Moscow Tantric, Erotic, Thai, Shiats, Sports, Classical and Japanese. Outcall massage arrives to moscow room as well. Massage moscow home. Derive pleasure, relax and get positive energy! Dear men, get more healthy and stronger with Aroma-massage.


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Prices for cozy massage salon

Our massage salon - exellent place to have a rest. In center of Moscow, 50 meters from Tretyakovskaya subway. To get to Salon - please Call us here Contacts, and salon description here Salon photos

What is right way to bussines success
Sensual massage
has always been extremely effective and therefore beautiful. Even in ancient times, people understood that the resources of our body are not infinite, and mankind was looking for ways to renew the body and for a peaceful state of mind. And it was found just such a great way to rest, it is difficult to assume the exact date. But knowledgeable people know that the first session of erotic massage was held several centuries ago. And it immediately became clear that such a relaxation of the body could not be better suited for the speedy recovery of a tired organism. Massage is a time of miracles. Japanese legends speak of healing types of massage. One of them is nude, this knowledge was guarded in secret from other people, such a massage was considered the best therapy because it cures from a hundred diseases. Often the treatment occurs in a dream. With a perfectly executed massage, immersion into sleep occurs. You relax and fall asleep. This is a great time when you stroke hands in a half-dream. At the same time longevity is prolonged and there is historical evidence of this. This is tantra magic after that, as if you are flourishing, and how many forces appear! The miraculous power comes as if from a other world from the depths of your body, the power is awakening.

Why have massage in Moscow - what benefits of professional massage for your body
Erotic sensual massage started back in antiquity and it's very difficult to guess the exact date. But knowing people know that the first session of an good massage was held several centuries ago. While there is bussines holiday in Moscow, you also need to make a good charge of vivacity and vitality. And since massage affects the renewal of connective skin and muscle fibers, which just like bussines national holiday professionals need the effects of erotic massage, but for what you ask. Of course for renewal and gaining new strength. After all, the blood vessels and various components of the cells from which our body is made are renewed and fed. The master's task is to tighten them and give them elasticity and beauty. After you have lost weight you need the impact of aroma massage since the skin needs elastic components of the body tissue. And bussines national holiday players can not lose much weight, a good kick at cryptotraiding that requires some weight and strength. And your competitors do not demult this, they are on guard, always looking for an insidious plan how to get around you in trade and finance while they run miles along the field of traiding almost without fatigue. These specially trained people certainly have their own masseurs who travel with them to anywhere in the world. And you are in the capital of Russia. And if you are tired walking miles in Moscow - you are tired just like a bull or bear in the bussines national holiday! The fat layer of muscles has become bigger and you do not look after a hard day as fresh as in the morning your appearance has faded. If the muscles are tired and the skin sagged and your day can be lost. But! Sessions of royal-tantra-massage will help your figure to take a healthy and young fit look, the same as for handsome bussines national holiday players, and get the same amount of power as they do. Who will become the champion, the best team? Yes, but also the very lucky one who will receive an excellent nuru massage. This type of massage was improved and gained professional knowledge all this time, and acquired the latest techniques with the use of essential oils to improve self-health and health and also the treatment of various diseases. During good massage, an active process of regeneration of the skin of the internal organs takes place, rehabilitation of the spine of the joints of the vessels and all processes in the body as well as skilled masseuses have learned to combine aroma and erotic massage and this symbiosis of action on the body has a beneficial effect on all processes of body that occur within us.

Only pure pleasure of Tantra Nude Massage
In Moscow, certainly a lot of massage services offering erotic massage. But the most extensive massage program is offered only here. Unusual combination of Reiki and Royal Tantra massage turns into an unforgettable fairy-tale evening giving you seconds and hours of delicious sensual action and pleasure that can only be given to you by a professional masseuse who has experience with the body of a man. Such a massage experience is usually considered to be expensive. How long does the masseuse need to learn for this? Sometimes the training of massage techniques takes about 2-3 years. Girls have already mastered the art of medical massage are starting to the most difficult stage of massage is an erotic massage. It requires special skill and self-control. But the most important thing in this massage is sensuality. Men who at least once came to our salon, or ordered a massage in the apartments, appreciated the skill and often the ecstasy with which our masseur works. Beautiful massage means beautiful healthy life. Natural meat and fresh fish, juicy greens, vegetables and fruits ripened in fields under the sun without chemical fertilizers - most important path to health and longevity, and of course in addition to all these delights, sensual massage, since without this relaxing action it is impossible to feel all positive energy of existence on the planet earth. Rejoice, live at full power, enjoy youth and beauty of body, sexual power with our beautiful energy tantric masseuses. Of course not everyone can be able to do such a tremendous massage so we have only girls who fully own this difficult business. The highest aerobatics massage - this is certainly the Royal Tantra. It is not simple as usual tantra that is offered in other massage parlors. This technique of energy massage is owned by only a few of our wonderful masseuses. So what is she so good about? Tantra is primarily very powerful. There is much more vital energy in it, so not all masseuses can perform it. Earlier, a few years ago, at least 2 masseuses could do massage in 4 hands, because one girl did not have enough energy. In Europe, till now it is performed by 2 and sometimes 3 masseuses alternately. Ordering erotic massage with us, you will get the same unusual power action, but we do it by a masseuse! And this is the result of her striving for peak of massage skills, training, long practice and undoubtedly natural talent.