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With the coming holiday St. Valentine's Day, dear guests. I wish you health, festive mood, power of spirit, good luck and prosperity!

Naked massage! Erotic massage, tantra massage, body of body massage with happy ending!

It's coast 150 euro 2 hours. The most beautiful girls of Moscow!

That services are confidential. We respect the privacy of our guests. You can be assured of full preservation of your personal data confidential.

We very much like that action in which we are engaged. That an atmosfor, that aura which we create. And we are very glad to make for you it once again. We derive pleasure that you are dipped into a condition of relaxation, pleasure and the happy moment.

This site is created for those people who appreciates high quality of service and loves itself. Quality doesn't mean discounts. This site not for those who considers cents because here the best of the professiononalnykh of masseurs of Moscow who constantly work on improvement of the professional level provide services of service and are improved at massage seminars, sessions and practicians.

All types of massage, implementation of all your secret erotic imaginations! Full relaxation and splash of all emotions!

Girls work with soul and with high concentration of energy that allows you to protsirkulirovat an exchange of energy and to relax soul and a body.

Tantric and erotic masseurs are the bright individual, stylish and distinguished girls feeling each touch on your body. Tantric massage is a sacrament, pleasure power and plasticity of the masseur. Raslableniye and concentration, balancing on sea waves. Breath.... Exhale...

Tantric and erotic masseurs are the bright individual, stylish and distinguished girls feeling each touch on your body. Tantric massage is a sacrament, pleasure power and plasticity of the masseur. Raslableniye and concentration, balancing on sea waves. Breath.... Also I exhaled...

Cash only euro, dollars, rubles. We don't accept credit cards

I am Magdalina, I very courageous in creative ideas because I don't stand still, and am in creative search of new feelings and imaginations. I created this site for those who loves himself and life. And I found and trained girls, relatives in me on spirit and mentality, same as well as I am the outstanding personalities wishing to derive from life only positive emotions and pleasure and we are ready to share with you experience and good mood.

Leaving the hotel and apartments. Beautiful Russian girls.

In our agency "alive dolls" will be offered you for the maximum comfort and relaxation! These are very beautiful girls owning equipment of the Japanese geisha! These are erudite, beautiful and well-groomed girls.

The service is one of the best erotic services in Moscow. All the girls were trained erotic massage services.

Tantric massage, erotic massage, body-of-body massage, naked massage, lingam massage - feel the force and vital potential! Be born anew and plunge into the impossible. Create the world!

Tantra massage increases vital energy and a sexual tone of an organism, tantra massage is affecting all vital exchange processes in an organism. After massage you will feel inflow of emotional forces and creative rise.

Tantric improvisation shrouded in the erotic fairy tale... sensuality, tenderness and ocean of pleasures.

Erotic creative massage is a range of fascinating juicy feelings!

The tantra massage is an interchange by energiya that you had a fine body is does you for new life and new attitudes! Tantric interchange by energiya is much better, than sex as is involved the top and lower charkas working at thin energiya.

My colleagues and I constantly work over improvement of quality, and also we expand a range of services. Therefore we have a massage on any choice, beginning from traditional massage of a back and finishing erotic and a tantra massage.

Tantric and erotic massages are a type of service for those who loves the excitement moment, the desire moment at what erotic imaginations pass for a side of real time.

We are created this kind of activity for those people who likes to enjoy life and to spend free time from work with advantage for health.

High-quality massage - that else in skilled hands of massage therapists - what can be better? The following step - love, the relations, feelings, open heart for love and gratitude to yourself and people surrounding you. Become so loved and desired and be darlings! And we will help you with achievement of this purpose! Love yourself and give pleasure to yourself through magic action of massage!

Girls who to you will arrive not only beautiful, but emotionally filled, spiritually rich, physically developed, active and strong, only positive emotions loving life and giving ready to share with you the great mood and joyful emotions.

We are ready to give you a burst of positive emotions and good mood. Massage also increases the level of serotonin and endorphins.

Full relax, ease... Feeling of flight! And I will escort you on this dizzy travel...

I am a perfectionist and I try to do in what I am engaged with the maximum return, enthusiasm and the creative imagination, having put in this process all heart and soul and energy. And I found the best girls who being engaged in this kind of activity in Moscow derive pleasure from the done work. We don't leave ourselves anything - neither energy, nor emotions.

Also, in time of the girl, free from massage, are engaged in fitness, track and field athletics, belly dances (belly dance) have a good physical form and erotic imaginations. Take pleasure in massage with the elastic and driven bodies. Derive pleasure and pleasure from each touch!


Prices for home or hotel

Prices for massage salon

Our massage salon - it is exellent place to have a rest. It is work round the clock also is in the center of Moscow, 50 meters from the subway Tretyakovskaya. The map and the detailed description read here, salon description and photos here.

VIP - service

The peeling of a body in boors is not only very pleasant practice, but also certainly pleasant. The Pilling softly deletes the become lifeless skin layers from your body, levels a skin surface, cleans roughnesses and also small heat-spots and black points and new growths of skin which transfer to our body an ugly look disappear. After a peeling the body has the beautiful shining appearance, and also is tightened that is rejuvenation of skin. After a peeling the most ideal option is to carry out Tantric erotic massage. This type of practice moistens skin, sating it with the necessary microcells.

In salon we offer the VIP - service: rejuvenating peeling of all body and feet with a srub (orange, chocolate, strawberry - on your choice) in hamam. You enjoy soft massage and contrast molding of water on your body. Peeling porcedure lasts 1 hour. After a peeling we will make you relax massage - 2 hours.

VIP Service - very useful procedure for improvement and rejuvenation of skin and maintenance of a tone in the best form! The Pilling deletes particles of the become lifeless skin, and massage oil rejuvenates new cages.

VIP - service includes:

This complex of services costs 350 euro and is carried out by the professional with the special equipment.

After such SPA - procedures people feel inflow of forces and courage.

Mobile number: +7 (915) 212-24-15, 8 (915) 212-24-15