Erotic Massage in Moscow

Beautiful girls - best choice for perfict relax

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Erotic massage, Naked Tantric massage, Nuru, Body-to-Body massage with happy ending !

Massage on-visit in your hotel cost 150 euro - 1 hour of quality massage by a very nice girl giving hot energy to you.

2 hours Massage - 200 euro
Massage in salon - 300 euro - 2 hour, 1 girl, SPA-salon with swimming pool.

Beautiful girl will arrive to your hotel within 45 minutes for wonderful massage for you.

Real girl photos. All them see masseuses Girls Photos

We so love that action in which we are engaged. The feeling, that aura we create. And we are very glad to make it for you once again. We giving pleasure so you will dip your body into state of sweetness and happy moment.

Why We're Best ? This site is created for gentlemen who appreciate our high quality standard of service and love themself. Quality doesn't mean discount. This site not for men counting cents because here the best of professional Moscow's masseuses who constantly work on improvement of professional skills and provide service by service and trained at medicine massage seminars, sessions and Tantric-Energy-Knoledge practicians.

All types of massage, implementation of all your secret erotic imaginations! Full relaxation and splash of all emotions!

Girls work with soul and with high concentration of energy that allows you to exchange circulation of energy and greatly get relaxed.

Tantric and Erotic masseuses are bright individual, stylish and distinguished girls feeling each touch on your body. Tantric massage is sacrament, pleasure-powered and plasticity of masseuse. Relaxing and concentration, balancing on sea waves. Breath.... Exhale...and trust this wonderfull energy-wave coming to you.....

I master secrets of best kinds of massage, my name - Magdalina, a professional of experience since 2001 year in massage-world and therefore very courageous in creative ideas because I don't stand still, and am in creative search of new feelings and imaginations. I got together Aroma-team girls for men who loves life and themself. And I found and trained girls, relatives in me on spirit and mentality, same as well as I am the outstanding personalities wishing to derive from life only positive emotions and pleasure and we are ready to share with you my wide experience and a good mood.

Beautiful russian girls who come to your hotel or apartments ...
Our girls - "Alive Dolls" will be offered to you for maximum comfort and relaxation! These very beautiful girls mastering Art of Japanese Geisha! They are erudite, smart and well-groomed girls.

Girls comming to you not only beautiful, but emotionally filled, spiritually rich, physically developed, active and strong, only positive emotions loving life and giving ready to share with you the great mood and joyful emotions.


Prices for hotel - appartments

Prices for massage salon - VIP-Erotic action

Our massages salons - exellent places to have a rest. In the center of Moscow. Is near the subway Serpuhovskaya, Tulskaya, and more. To get to Salon - please Call us here Contacts, and salon description here Salon photos

Phone or text - 24 hours : +7 915-212-24-15

Our Massage service is one of the best erotic services in Moscow. All girls have got professional training of East Tantra Reiki in Moscow Massage center.

Tantric improvisation shrouded in this erotic fairy tale... sensuality, tenderness and ocean of pleasures.

Erotic creative massage is a range of fascinating juicy feelings!

Tantric massage preformed by our perfect girls is interchange by energy that you get a fine body which ready you for a new happy life and new attitudes! Tantric interchange by energy is much better, than sex as is involved the top and lower charkas working at thin energy.

Have most sexy Royal Tantric massage from Sharlota or Karabella! Soft and strong arms, tender fingers create outstanding feelings. This is primarily a pleasure, and the accumulation of sexual energy. Secondly - this is relaxation and release negative emotions and to obtain satisfaction from the process. Nowdays Royal Tantra has become leading massage in Moscow and beatween best russian massages. Especial way to each client! Massage is creative and art-based process! Tantric and erotic massages are type of service for those who loves the excitement moment, the desire moment at what erotic imaginations pass for side of real time.

We are created this kind of activity for those people who likes to enjoy life and to spend free time from work with advantage for health.

Quality massage in Moscow- that else in skilled hands of massage therapists - what can be better? The following step - love, the relations, feelings, open heart for love and gratitude to yourself and people surrounding you. Become so loved and desired and be darlings! And we will help you with achievement of this purpose! Love yourself and give pleasure to yourself through magic action of massage!

My colleagues and I constantly work over improvement of quality, and also we expand a range of services. Therefore we have a massage on any choice, beginning from traditional massage of back and finishing erotic and of course! the best Royal Tantric massage. Appearing in India, this massage came to Europe in the service of kings. Kings and queens loved this massage, and always kept in retinue top-masters of massage. And only tantric girl - quite pefictly - so classy performs wonderfully, comes as a miracle with magic relax of Tantra. Wonderful relax a little hard and super-soft - but wonderful massage, in other words - shiny bodies, divine arms and gleaming eyes just flutter over you. This is relax as if on fairy island, sensual wave of ecstasy that precious as diamond. So here Massage in Moscow is blissful action that you get.

Full relax, ease... Feeling of flight! And I will escort you on this dizzy travel...

I am a perfectionist and I try to do in what I am engaged with maximum return, enthusiasm and creative imagination, having put in this process all heart and soul and energy. And I found the best girls who being engaged in this kind of activity in Moscow derive pleasure from the done work. We don't leave ourselves anything - neither energy, nor emotions.

Girls engaged in fitness, track and field athletics, belly dances (belly dance) have a good physical form and erotic imaginations. Take pleasure in massage with the elastic and driven bodies. It is great pleasure and pleasure from each touch!

VIP - service includes:

This complex of services costs 350 euro and is carried out by professional with special massage-equipment.

After our SPA - procedures people feel wonderfull inflow of strength and courage.

Phone or SMS - 24 Hours : +7 (915) 212-24-15

Massage is a way to success
Often we do not have enough time and desire to order moscow's massage and go ahead. Sometimes household problems or memories from the past do not allow us to do this and pull us back like a brick to the bottom of sea. It is necessary to dump this heavy load, begin to develop and finally take care of your health and your appearance. Often happens that the memories of youth, when we were young and full of strength do not allow us to make a step into the future and happy bright life - we must discard all sad thoughts to take a step forward in order to be healthy and successful. Start doing it and become happy, take 2 hours of time for massage in moscow from your schedule to restore your health and excellent mood.

Romantic and sensual massage
Try this massage of dreamlike sensual relaxation. This is a magnificent burst of energy and strength, this is a unique secret combination of techniques and movements of hands and fingers, this agility and flexibility of the body, thanks to this you can enjoy the new facets of taste and pleasure of massage, day after day and plunge into the festive atmosphere of this unique action and magnificence! Very often people after their first acquaintance literally fall in love with a massage, in this fabulous feeling of free flight of body. And this result of pleasure is guaranteed to you because our girls perfectly master massage art.

The secret of success of health and longevity is known for a long time
Natural meat and fresh fish, juicy greens, vegetables and fruits ripened in fields under the sun without chemical fertilizers - most important path to health and longevity, and of course in addition to all these delights, sensual massage, since without this relaxing action it is impossible to feel all positive energy of existence on the planet earth. Rejoice, live at full power, enjoy youth and beauty of body, sexual power with our beautiful energy tantric masseuses.

Our massageists of tantric massage are fueled by energy of the sun, and as a result they are made by professional and most magical masters. In order for massage session to be more effective, it is advisable to take a bath with rose oil and make a counter shower with cold and hot water alternately. It is known many cases when several sessions of properly performed massage helped cardiovascular system and complete disposal of negative energy. Also, massage helps with losing weight when skin tone is lowered, and sagging of skin goes away and victory is not felt to full extent as desired, but a massage session will come to rescue to restore elasticity of skin.