Massage by feet (Ashiatsu massage)

Japan massage with feet - Ashiatsu Ashiatsu massage- it is massage by feet. It is such Japanese practice of massage at which the massage therapist does massage by feet, holding hands special bars for ashiatsu or keeping on a wall and other support.

What the sense of this massage consists: the massage therapist does massage by feet, the weight of all body of the massage therapist is used. Thus, ashiatsu-massage - the strongest massage from all massages.

Everything is at first sight simple - the massage therapist goes on a back of the client, but with a certain equipment not to put a trauma, becose all weight is used. Also, ashiatsu massage therapist knows body points where it is necessary to press. Therefore, muscles of the client very well warm up.

Besides Japan, Ashiatsu massage also is very demanded in China, USA, German and Russia. Very often ashiatsu it is used in medicine for treatment of traumas. Massage ashiatsu is remarkable becose massage therapist don't used self strength, the masseuse used self weight. For this reason, ashiatsu - it is the most powerful massage in world.

Video: Ashiatsu massage

Also, you can look ashiatsu video. The girl does massage by feet:

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