Massage for couples in Moscow

Treat the body with honor and research interest! Not with western, it is frank «pornographic interest» rough animal pleasure, in the east consider a body as a magic vessel for spirit, the infinite microcosm doomed to its infinite knowledge.

Massage for couples is a mutual knowledge of and the partner, by means of slow "immersion" each other a method of erotic massage, however the accent in such practicians is displaced from madness of feelings to sensibleness, attention to each nuance and a shade of feeling, concentration on the events.

Massage for couples is the some kind of meditative love game for people who learning each other and the Universe.

The body and spirit in the doctrine of a tantra are inseparably linked, one can be improved through another. A body – through soul, and on the contrary. Concentrate on feelings of the body.

If in an everyday life you use generally visual and acoustical channels of perception, we suggest you to open the sensual Universe, sparking pleasure.

Ritual is filled with surprising aura of power of four elements - candles, stones, aromatic oils and bewitching music - it will ship you in a condition of luxury, delight and pleasure of rest.

Systematic massage for couples will promote liberation of the strongest sexual energy that will favorably be reflected in frequency and duration of your love acts, will teach you to store desire of a unification with the partner. As a result, your internal Universe will extend, having opened perception channels.

Art of massage assumes in an ideal, very high degree of intimacy, trust, love to each other, concentration on feelings and aspiration to give sensual pleasure, to become closer to partners.

Massage for couples will allow to look at itself and the world the refreshed look, to dump from soul the negative cover, the saved-up cargo of negative impressions and emotions.

Dare to risk and try the sensual possibilities, experiment in a stream of pleasures, float in it, reviving soul and refreshing a body, bathe in waves of love and gratitude!

Practising a massage please remember that there is no limit to excitement, as though you well didn't feel yourselves - do not orgasm! A bit later, you will be grateful to your self.

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