Massage outcall, in hotel

I'm Magdalina - a professional masseur and I offer a high-up skilled aromatherapy services - massage in Moscow in hotel.

The term Aroma therapy means treatment by aromas that considered important for relaxation of body, head and mind. These most useful and pleasant procedures are simultaneous. Also it is possible to combine it with meditation. It creates brighter sensations and feelings. We use for aromamassage only natural components - as far as these antiallergenic means they influencing skin making healing invigorating and perform softening action, tone up skin and weaken muscles. In the East aromatherapy and aroma massage treat with respect. India and China have created philosophical doctrines about treatment by natural aromas. Properties and flora influences continue to be studied about one today opening new horizons in the fantastic world aroma-magic so magically influencing to human body and soul.

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