Shiatsu massage by Magdalina

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is very effective therapy which improves a metabolism, blood circulation in muscles, improves elasticity of skin. Not for nothing a shiasu massage peoples call "massage from 100 diseases". The equipment of this massage combines pressing by fingers and elbows the active biological centers. Then at the person, who gets massage pass pains, the health and courage improves.

Shiatsu massage was invented in Japan. Shiatsu massage it is translated from Japanese as "Shi" – fingers, "Atsu" – to pressing.

Shiattsu's massage or acupressure.
This type of service for at whom muscles from constant tension ache. It is deep massage on the nervous terminations, muscles and sinews. It gives slight pleasant pain at the expense of which there is a full relaxation. Trust in strong and skilled hands of masseurs which spobona to work wonders and you will fall asleep a dream of the baby as if anew were born.

How does it works

In a body of the person there is a huge quantity of nervous points. The majority of them are on a breast, a back, feet, hands and on the head.

nervous points of shiatsu massage

The nervous terminations are connected to a head and spinal cord. When pressing on certain points of a human body it is possible to cure of many diseases, including insomnia, a headache, impotence, muscle pain and so on. And pressing on points is made in an exact place and with a certain force, then nervous centers send the signal to a brain. If pressing is made by palms, it becomes by means of the weight of all body of the massage therapist.

Each point is responsible for a certain function. For example, after strong pressing in concrete area on a nape and on temples there passes a headache. For this purpose it isn't necessary to poison the organism with drugs, and it is simple to press in precisely certain places. Unfortunately, the majority of doctors don't know about this - they got used to treat diseases with drugs.

Certainly, the shiatsu can prevent not all diseases by means of massage, best of all shiatsu helps from muscle pains, clips with a back and other parts of body. After such massage the client perfectly feels and he has an energy becose the nervous centers are exempted from clips.

Shiatsu massage videos

Also you can watch interesting videos that is well shown that is a shiatsu massage:

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