Thai massage appeared a few thousands years ago and it had invent by doctor Shivago. Doctor Shivago was a personal doctor of governor of those times. The first mentions about Thai yoga massage were found in India. But in Moscow Thai massage had been appear relatively recent.

Thai massage contains elements of the Chinese massage tui-na, Japanese shiatsu, Indian ayurvedic and yoga. Thai yoga massage has positions that act upon the various joints including those joints that are never really active in usual life.

Majority of people conduct a motionless way of life - this lead to back pain, as joints of a back and backbone tighten up. Thai massage treat this problem as it increases your muscle flexibility and straighten your joints. Weariness management is among the most benefits that you can get from Thai massage.

Thai massage includes some pulling of joints of arms, feet, a backbone and other bones of your body. When clamps of body are cleaned - your body feels freely. It combines impacts on back, breast, neck, shoulders, backbone, tendons and the nervous centers. It assumes special moves and stretches you into a sequence of different postures. This is the main difference Thai massage from other types of massages becose it improves range and flexibility of motion. Some technicians of Thai massage remind passive yoga.

With all advantages of Thai massage you will not go wrong anyway. When you will have try it - you will see fantastic results for your health.

Thai massage or yoga-massage or massage passive yoga
It is preferred by people who spend also actively the day of work. When muscles are strained and clamped from physical activities. This type of massage allows to stretch muscles and to relax them at the same time. You relax and you derive pleasure from practical massage. And muscles receive an extension and at the same time training as during occupations by yoga.

Thai massage advantages

Thai Massage Video

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After these procedures you will feel inflow of forces, cheerfulness and a pleasant relaxation of all body. All peoples should try Thai massage at least once in life becose Thai massage - it’s a real paradise for your body and soul! It is difficult to describe the feelings of Thai massage, because the best way - have try it in reality! Back Home

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Traditional Thai massage

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